Friday, October 03, 2014

Project Snap And Quilt: Overgrown

Today is a busy day so I made sure I did #projectsnapandquilt first so I didn't do it later when I was tired, and grump and quilt like the other day. :D
The snap I took was of a bunch of overgrown things in our yard. I'm looking forward to school going back next week so I can have more interesting things to snap, while I'm walking my son to school.

I liked the colours so I immediately knew I was going to do something with a few passes in different threads.

I have a good amount of threads to choose from because for a year now I've been subscribed to Superior Threads' 'Superior University' where they send you some thread and a project each month. I haven't actually done any of the projects yet, but the thread sure has been handy!

My first colour was green, for the clover leaves.

I started the clover leaves with three lines in each because I was afraid it would look like butts if I just did the one, but I found the leaves looked too much like flowers, so I switched to butts. :P I included little green swirls for the centres of the flowers I'd be doing next, but I didn't exactly plan them with enough room for the flower petals in some cases. Oops!

The second thread was the pink one. I had a great deal of trouble here. For some reason I kept getting birds' nests on the top and bottom, and even broke the thread. I took the bobbin out and replaced it and rethreaded everything but it didn't make much difference. Not entirely sure how to avoid this problem in the future. It may have something to do with the thread being polyester, because when I changed to a cotton thread it stopped happening.
I also forgot to take a picture before I started with the next colour.

The last colour thread was purple. I used it to go in and add the veins to the inside of the flowers' petals. And then I was done, even though I'm tempted to go back and add more things. :P

My clover butts. :D

My little flowers. You can see one of the birds nesty things here.

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