Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala

Over at On The Windy Side and Play Crafts they are co-hosting a quilt-making challenge based around Pantone's current colour of the year, Marsala.
The colour has intrigued me since Pantone announced it, as it is not what you'd look at and straight away think of as a "star" colour. But quilting has taught me that every colour is a star so I took up the challenge, and decided to make a quilt that would get me to love Marsala.

Spectacular Swapping

It used to be that when it was quiet around here I was either too busy or not busy enough for blog posts. But then I started immersing myself in the world of Instagram, and Instagram swaps. And it is far easier to spam Instagram with what I'm working on than it is to write a blog post. :P

I want to try and post here fairly regularly again, and I have lots of exciting upcoming projects to share but first I wanted to share the amazing work done by my swap partners in the swaps I've participated in. I love them all equally, so I'll do them in swap date order so it doesn't seem like I'm playing favourites. :D