Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Mashaa Monday: Tuesday

I mentioned before that yesterday was a public holiday here, so today feels like a Monday. Good enough, right? :P
So it was a pretty busy week. Even though I started #projectsnapandquilt I still managed to finalise my colours and layout of my partner's mini for the Little Quilts Swap. 

I like the depth the couple of deeper colours give it. I really wanted a much paler pink to add in there as well for vibrancy but I didn't have one, and didn't think of it before I went shopping at Spotlight's 30% off sale.
 I got all those fabrics for $34 all up. I hate not having the money to buy all the fabrics I fall in love with, but it does make it all the more special when you do get to buy something. :D

With that pretty little heart knit, I started a 'Foxglove Tank' from Selvage Designs for my sister. While she watched me!
 And then my daughter stole it so I'll guess I'll have to make her one as well. :P

It's definitely been a "Little Quilts" book kind of week. I also began sewing my hexies together for the 'Honeycomb' mini quilt from the book. I've never got further than basting hexies before, so it was certainly interesting!

Here's a closer look at my stitches. I'm not sure if I'm doing them too close together or not, my hands just seemed to naturally want to do little stitches.

Not doing this post yesterday means I can talk about the mail I received today, as well. I impulse bought (what I thought was) a couple of little things from someone on Instagram who was destashing, and for a while I was thinking I probably shouldn't have spent that money. Until they arrived today....
What a pretty bundle!
 I opened it up, and along with the cute scraps and two fat quarters were these amazing Japanese indigo fabrics. I immediately fell in love with them. When I'd ordered them I'd thought it might be nice to have something a little different from what I usually buy and I was more right than I'd even imagined.

I was drawn to this one straight away,and may even use it as a guide for sewing some of them together.
 I'd been looking for an excuse to take my Sidekick Ruler out for a spin again, so this was the perfect opportunity. I was so excited by these fabrics that I began cutting them up, even though I have a bazillion other things already on the go!
I cut one 60 degree triangle, two half ones, and a rectangle from each square.

I don't want to waste even these little scraps off the end so I'm already thinking about appliqueing them on something. :D

This is just one possibility I was playing around with.
Tomorrow I'm planning on tackling the dreaded "Y" seam for the first time, and beginning to sew the Pretty Little Half Hex mini together. Wish me luck!


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