Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Project Snap And Quilt: Down The Drain

This morning was the first time I've walked my son to school since I began #projectsnapandquilt. The walk home was also the first real alone time I've had for two and a half weeks. It felt awesome to wander along, listening to some Opera Magna and looking out for interesting shapes to snap. I'm already finding my eyes being drawn to things they've never noticed before, finding beauty in mundane things. Like this drain cover.

I originally snapped this because of the curves, but after arriving home and checking my shots I noticed the secondary pattern of diamonds.

I started out fairly large but didn't like it very much. Plus, it would fill up my little sample sandwich too fast! So I scaled it down a bit, and then even further towards the end. Probably shouldn't have done that last row, the edge of the sample kept getting caught up on the foot and bunching up.

My favourite was the ones that were smaller and closer together, I can see how the texture would be amazing quilted in a thread that blends, like this one in the bobbin.

I'm finding that the faster I can go, the smoother the machine works for me. Sometimes when I'm unsure of the design I can slow down pretty far and the machine gets kind of jerky then. Consistency is one of the things I'm working on.
Another thing I need to figure out is why my new machine brings bobbin thread up every time I pause, or stop. It's necessary to pause at points to define them and make sure you don't curve them, but my machine brings up bobbin thread every time and sometimes I get a big clump. I'm guessing it's tension related but I can't seem to find a tension that works yet. I guess I'm still getting used to my Beast.

Best part of all this is I'm actually looking forward to walking my son to school, now! :P

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