Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tula Pink

(From February, 2014)
Mr. Strange did Valentine's Day right. He bought me a Baker's Dozen pack of fat quarters from I <3 Tula Pink. It's thirteen fat quarters of focal prints from some of her collections. A lot of them are really hard to find these days which makes it all the more special. It even came with a little swatch pack of her upcoming Fox Field line which is completely adorable.

Ever since I first started sewing and looking at fabrics, I've coveted ALL the Tula things. Her collections are what made me interested in quilting in the first place, but I'd never been able justify buying any of them, because it was purely for myself. Now I have thirteen beautiful fat quarters and a whole collection of 2.5" squares. Squee!
Now I need to make sure I use them, and don't just leave them in my stash because I'm scared to cut into all that deliciousness. It's difficult when you're so in love with fabrics because you often find you never use them as you're just waiting for the "perfect" project for them.
The challenge I'm setting myself is to use them one at a time. Using one Tula print as the starting point, I'll choose the quilt design and any other fabrics based on that. I've yet to decide which print to start with (they're all so beautiful!), but in the meantime just look at the gorgeousness!


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