Tuesday, May 13, 2014


(From February, 2014)

I visited a sewing and patchwork store for the first time in weeks. I had a particular project in mind so I gave myself a goal of only buying charcoal fabric in varying textures as well as some fabrics reminiscent of a cloudy sky. It's way too easy to be carried away by all the pretties and spend more than expected so a clear goal is always useful to me.
During my search I fell in love with this fabric:
Michael Miller's 'DINOSAURS!'

which luckily came in charcoal so that meant it was within my self-imposed guidelines. I grabbed maybe a little more than I should have(I hope nobody in the store noticed me gleefully rubbing my hands together!), but a little touch of whimsy in a quilt is always fun.

I did make one impulse purchase outside of my guidelines, but it was on sale so that doesn't count, right? :P
Michael Miller's 'Quilt Pirates'. 

While I was there, I also had a test-drive of what will hopefully be my new machine. 
My poor little Brother NS30 just isn't coping with the larger quilts very well so I'm going to need to give it a rest. I'd like to upgrade to a new Janome with a beautiful 11" of throat space. 

Just look at that space! And the picture doesn't even do it justice. I was quite unprepared for exactly how huge and intimidating this beast is in person. The things we will make together will be epic in every sense of the word. 


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