Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Introductions are awkward so let's get it over and done with, shall we?
Here's a little bit about me.

I'm Strange, and welcome to my world.

In 2011, my Grandmother bought me a sewing machine.
I had no idea at the time how drastically it would change and enhance my life.

I just wanted to turn some of the awesome band and game shirts that I owned into girl-shaped shirts. While I was sewing my first piece (a beat-up old Metallica shirt of my husband's he let me mutilate to practice on), I suddenly realised that while I was sewing, I was happy. 

My first sewing project.
An interesting thing, to discover ones calling at the age of 35 but better late than never! So now I'm making up for lost time and finding joy in learning all kinds of sewing-related skills. 
Towards the end of 2011, I even sewed my first quilt. 
I'd previously thought that quilting was just boring, "grandma" kind of things(like endless appliqued cats and "Sunbonnet Sues" in muted colours) but I was delighted to discover how very wrong I was. Quilting is now my main sewing addiction.

My first quilt.

So here I am,  sharing my journey with you. I imagine I'll mostly talk about my adventures in stitching (quilting, sewing, hand-stitchery), but there's no doubt some of my other favourite things will creep into my stories as well because music, games and my family are all a huge part of what makes me...well, me.

I originally was going to wait until I knew how to take beautiful photos of my work before beginning this blogging endeavour but then I realised I'd never get started if I waited for perfection. And besides, I think it might be more interesting if anyone following my adventures can watch me learn as I go.

So yes, here is my blog and just like me it is a work in progress.


My daughter and I, taken around the time I began learning how to sew.

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