Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strip Therapy

My heroes!

Almost a year ago I bought a bunch of mostly orange fabrics and cut them into strips of varying widths to try out the "slice and insert" technique.

So tonight, when I was moping around in my sewing room wishing I could sew something...anything, these strips caught my eye and came to my rescue. Sewing is my greatest stress relief and not being able to sew anything has been so frustrating. These strips were all cut up and just lying around waiting to be used for something, so I gleefully scooped them up and moved them to my worktable because knew I'd found my answer: strip sets.
Sewing strips together in rows and then sub-cutting those stripsets is something else I've been meaning to experiment with so with only being able to sew in straight lines, and not pin, cut or press anything at the moment (due to my wrist injury), tonight was the perfect time to begin.

This is what I started with.
I just randomly chose two strips, sewed them together and then sewed another one to those and kept going. I made sure to start from opposite ends of the stripset(so if I'd just sewed top to bottom, the next strip was sewn on starting from the bottom end of the set) each time I added a piece, to control the curved effect that can sometimes happen if you sew strips all the same way.

No pressing, eek! 
When I was done, I ended up with one grey spot print almost in the centre, purely by accident but it will give me more creative options to have this central contrasing piece when I eventually cut the stripset up so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

And I feel so much more relaxed now, too! :D


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