Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mashaa Mondays

I'm very excited because this is my very first Mashaa Monday.
And I'm already breaking the rules by doing it on a Wednesday!
 I actually had intended this for yesterday, because the public holiday on the real Monday confused me and I thought yesterday was Monday for a while. I'm a doofus. :P

What's it all about?
Well, one of the best people I know, and probably the most instrumental in getting me to actually do something about this blog thing is someone I know online as Mashaa(aaaaaaaaaaaaa! :D) so Mashaa Mondays are named for him. Thanks, Mashaa!
And it's just a place where I put all the little bits and pieces from during the week that didn't warrant a whole post to themselves.
So here it is...Mashaa Monday!

  • After researching triangles (for two days! I was seeing triangles every time I closed my eyes!) for inspiration on my 'Nesting' quilt, I ended up having my lightbulb moment when I least expected it. I was exploring Katarina Roccella's blog upon falling in love with her upcoming fabric line from Art Gallery fabrics, when I came across this gorgeous quilt and knew my answer was to put my half-square triangles on point.

  • I also found out two more half-square triangle methods so look for posts on those as I try them out. With around a thousand HST's to sew I imagine this blog will be triangle-mad pretty soon. :P

  • I've finished the quilt top my daughter claimed but am unsure what to do with it. It's not really large enough to be a useful quilt and I don't want to put borders on it. I'm thinking maybe some kind of quilted floor cushion. Anyone have any other ideas for me?

  • And finally, as it will take a while for me to put my already completed work up here, I thought I'd let you know I have a lot of my projects up on Craftsy if you're interested in a preview.


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