Friday, September 19, 2014

'Star Of Sedona' Test

A few weeks ago I saw my very first double nine patch quilt and instantly wanted to make one. Then of course I forgot I even wanted to do that and started a hundred and one other different things. :P
Until I was looking through the Block Tool app I'd purchased last week and noticed they were sorted by grid. I looked at all the three, six, and nine grid blocks and when I saw their 'Star Of Sedona' block it kind of leapt out at me as one that would work amazingly in a double nine patch setting.

The app is actually really fun, and I'd like to make up a sampler of all the blocks one day!
I stole borrowed some of my son's coloured pencils and began drawing up the block on graph paper. I chose the purple, turquoise, and light green pencils because they're my three favourite colours, but intended to use different colours in the fabric version. It looked so good though, that I decided to keep the same colour palette.

Such cute little four-patches!
All my pieces were lovely and flat because starch. :D
 I'm still not quite accustomed enough to the Beast for super accurate piecing, but my usual technique of pinning all the intersections, not just the ones you're about to sew certainly helps. I imagine by the end of this quilt I'll be the queen of perfect points!

I actually had to crop my belly out of this picture! It was hanging over the edge of the table. :D
In the end I really love how a lighter and darker value of each colour makes the block more alive. I'm not sure about the grey background though. I think in the double nine patch setting where there's entire blocks of the background it will take away from the stars' luminosity a bit. But that's the closest to to the colour I was after that I had in my stash, and it's also what tests are for!

So now I'll be taking the block to my favourite fabric store (after the kids go back to school, they've just started a two-week holiday from school) and finding more fabrics in those colours and hopefully a more appropriate background fabric as well. Which means I'm impatient for the school holidays to end before they've even begun! :P

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