Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reveal ALL the half-done things!

Incoming picspam of what I've been doing lately, kind of like a Mega-Mashaa-Monday. :P

Starting with handpieced 60° triangles cut from Organic Cotton Jersey with my new Sidekick Ruler from Jaybird Quilts. (This will eventually be the front of a t-shirt when I decide what style to make it.)

Speaking of t-shirts and hand sewing, I managed to get another t-shirt hack almost done and knock another shirt off my giant pile of shame. This one was my Haggard shirt and I'm really happy I finally get to wear this one because the first time I saw them live (on the Pool Deck at 70000 Tons Of Metal this year) was one of the best experiences of my life, and definitely the best live band experience.
So I wanted to make the shirt equally as special and for the sleeves I used my expensive lace that I've been hoarding. In hindsight it was a completely nuts idea(like most of my ideas, I guess :P) but I managed to make it work in the end.

And then I wore it when I went to Oz Comic Con. Even though I still haven't finished off the neckline. :P
Taken at the bus stop on the way to Oz ComicCon. A rare Strange selfie! With added up-nostril view! :P

 I was at Oz Comic Con to help out in some friends of mine's extremely busy stall.

BMO from Adventure Time stopped by. :D

I came across Sam Tarly from Game of Thrones perusing weapons, so I asked for a photo.

These Attack On Titan Survey/Scout Corps girls were adorable.

This lady was my favourite. Who could resist Daenerys Targaryen eating a heart? Plus, she made her costume (and the heart!) herself. So talented.
I figured out what I was going to do with my experimental painted fabric: make two giant cushions. I don't actually have anything I've made around the house except for on the kids' beds so I really want to make a bunch of cushions, throws and table decorations to reflect what I can do now. Plus it will give me a chance to experiment on small things without having to commit to a whole quilt.
Here's the first block. There'll be four blocks on each cushion.

A lot of the reason I haven't really done anything substantial is because my sewing room is in complete chaos, so I've been sewing at the dining room table due to not being able to fit The Beast in there!
Here's a before and after of the only part I managed to sort out: my scrap bin.
There were scraps here going all the way back to February. Oops! 

Much better. Ongoing project scraps in the vintage case, two plastic containers for sorted large and small scraps.

I completed quilting 'Black, Blue, Shark!', using different oceany things for each section. I had a great deal of fun here, just making it all up as I went along. :D

I'm just over halfway through binding, at the moment. I'm really loving the way the black binding frames the quilt, too.

I even tested out the lettering my Beast can do and made a label for it.
Real name alert! Eek! :P
Another thing I've been doing is more free-motion fun practice sample sandwiches. I would have been doing this every day if I had enough batting and fabric. It's my absolute favourite thing to do now, just sit at the Beast and play. :D
This was my practice of the design I found in Laura Lee Fritz's 'Mindful Meandering' eBook, that I ended up using for the sky part of the shark quilt.

I haven't taken a photo but I've actually since gone back in and thread-painted the birds with variegated thread.

Thinking of doing many more of these peacock feathers. If only as an excuse to BUY ALL THE THREAD! 
In the spirit of forcing myself to be a joiner and not just an onlooker, I've joined Instagram, and even joined in on a mini quilt swap!
Swap bee
We're all making quilts from Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger's book Little Quilts to give to a partner. And nobody knows who their partner is until they receive them so it's all a big surprise. I love surprises! I'm looking forward to it, especially because I've never had a quilt made for me before. It doesn't matter what it is, I'll treasure it. :D
I'm kind of freaking out about making something for a stranger but hopefully I can make something that will make them happy.

I've also designed two very complex (for me, at least) quilts which I'm very excited about. I don't have a great deal of fabric in my stash but I managed to find a couple of fabrics in there to get me started. I was so excited I began cutting them up even though I know I have to wait a while before I can buy their fabric mates!

I even finally got started on my Mum's quilt. (Look away Mum, if you want it to be a surprise! :P)

Here's a gratuitous picture of my five year old son relaxing at the new outdoor eating area of my local shopping centre, to give some space so Mum doesn't accidentally see anything she doesn't want to see....

This is the background of the quilt top for my Mum. I made it and loved it just how it is so I think I'll make another one but not do anything else to it, when I've finished this one for Mum. :D
Improv pieced quarter-circles.

When I get the layout satisfactory I'll be appliqueing these pieces on. I kind of hate it right now as it's not at all how I'd originally planned it. Plus, I remembered too late that my Mum hates flowers so I need to make it look a lot less flower-like!

I've been a bit scattered lately due to a whole bunch of not-cool things happening at once and while it's been great to bury myself in sewing and quilting, the scatteredness has really showed through as I've begun countless projects but not really finished anything. Hopefully I can pull myself together and celebrate a finish soon! 

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