Monday, August 04, 2014

Mashaa Monday

This week is Shark Week!
I was trying to do a post about 'Black, Blue, Shark!' but realised I'd tried too many new things for it to all fit into one post so I'm breaking the post up into more manageable pieces.
I'm also hoping this will increase my motivation to baste and quilt it. It's been laying out for many days begging to be prepared for quilting, but not having a deadline for it anymore has made me lazy. :P

(Mashaa Mondays are where I mash all the little bits and pieces too small to warrant their own posts into one post. You can find out more about the name here.)

  • As well as finishing the quilt top for 'Black, Blue, Shark!' I also bought a new Craftsy class this week: Cindy Walter's Fun Techniques With Fabric Paint.
    I'd been thinking about how expensive all the print fabric can be ($20-$25 a metre for most at the patchwork shops near me) and looking at ways to dye fabric myself, or screenprint, or paint it to make something that is not only more cost-effective, but also a way I can truly say a quilt is all mine from start to finish. So that class came along at just the right time for me and was extremely inspiring.
    On the weekend I bought some cheap white fabric(gotta love 40% off sales!), and a couple of colours of cheap paint so I could try it out. I pre-cut some of the fabric into 6.5" squares to make the "canvases" more manageable. For a first attempt, I'm pretty happy. I think my favourites are the streaky brush-stroke ones. I can't wait to sew them all together and make some kind of quilt!

That's it for Mashaa Monday this week. I was kind of pushing it for things to write about, because technically I figured the painting could be a full post, but this way I could be less wordy. :P


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