Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mashaa Monday

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. But I'm sure it's still Monday somewhere, right? :P

So, I didn't make it into Sewvivor. I'm happy I pushed myself out of my comfort zone enough to enter, though. You guys have no idea how that scary that was for me!
But I'll still be following along, and cheering for my fellow Australians who did make it in, Two Little Aussie Birds and Gnome Angel.

(Mashaa Mondays are where I mash all the little bits and pieces too small to warrant their own posts into one post. You can find out more about the name here.)

And now instead of knowing exactly what I'll be making for the next few months, my possibilities have opened right up again and you know what? It's exciting. :D

  • Based on what has been inspiring me lately, I can feel a clothes-sewing spree coming on and I do have a growing pile of t-shirts to make into pretty things....

I'll tell you a secret: this isn't even half of the t-shirts waiting to be made pretty!

  • Mostly due to SewMamaSew's Favourite Indie Pattern series, I'm now coveting a whole bunch of Indie sewing patterns. This month they've been showcasing a new Indie pattern each day and it's really started to get me itching to sew garments again. If I end up buying a pattern instead of using the ones I've already drafted or bought I'll probably even do a review post about it.
  • And I've been working on the "Black, Blue, Shark" (it was initially only the description but the further I go, the more I like it as a name :D) quilt for the past couple of weeks and I've almost finished the quilt top.
    It was going to be my entry for the Nautical challenge in Sewvivor if I made it through so I couldn't show you it, but now I can give you a sneak peek:

My first ever curved piecing!

Eek, a shark! (I may have taken the description a bit too literally.... :P)
Anyway, now I'll be updating as I progress on things, so keep an eye out for the inevitable pictures on Twitter.


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